Welcome to Simcar Software.


All my applications and controls are created for the Mac platform. Some (if not all) of the components can be utilised in Windows projects.


This is the home for NewSBBank and sbLedger applications. These applications are simple financial applications that will help you in your day to day financial and work environments.


There are a number of free downloads as well. These are free Xojo classes and applications that I have created to help me in my development processes.


Do check out my free applications page as well. I am very happy with my new SQLite Control application which gives you access to create and modify SQLite Databases. In addition, you can create SQL Scripts and all sorts of database administration functions.


Most of my Mac applications include a self-installer that will run when you start the application. You will be asked if you wish to download the latest version and will install and run it. All you need to do is to download the application (in Zip format) from this website and install it from the Zip file wherever you wish. From that point onwards every time the application starts it will check to see if there is a later version available.




  • Updated SQLite Control. There were some errors in the JSON exporter that are now fixed.


  • Updated my Excel Classes to work with the latest version of Excel (2016)


  • sbLedger has been updated to Version 1.2.0.


  • My latest piece of software, sbLedger, is ready for use. Go to its application page or click here to go directly.



  • Added a couple of new components.


  • I have changed the website to allow for more downloads and have updated the automatic downloader within the applications. Please download any software you are using from here again so that the newer versions can find where they are now stored.


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