SQLite Control

SQLite Control Application Page

SQLite Control is a database manager for your SQLite Databases.


It allows you to:

  • Create a Database
  • Load a Database
  • Tables
  • Add a Table
  • Modify a Table
  • Change the data within a table
  • Drop a Table
  • Add a Trigger
  • Drop a Trigger
  • Add an Index
  • Modify an Index
  • Drop an Index
  • Drop Views
  • SQL statement operations with the inbuilt SQL tab
  • SQL Script operations with the inbuilt Scripts tab
  • Attach any number of additional databases
  • Detach Databases
  • Logging all transactions on the database
  • Import/Export tables in JSON format
  • Import CSV files

Here are some of the views available in SQLite Control.

Attach a Database.

Index View

Logging View

Scripts View

Tables View

SQL View

Table Data View

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